Weird issue this is (salute to yoda!). Although I placed breakpoints at legit places in the source code, set the phone to debuggable mode, and set the project property as debuggable (AndroidManifest.xml -> Application tab -> Debuggable = True), eclipse doesn’t go into debug mode and just runs the app on the device. Which really drives me crazy : /

It just happened first time today. But I talked with my colleagues @lab ( and one of them told me he encountered the same issue lately. How he overcome it? Total mystery : ) Actually, his solution is to clean up the project, unplug the android device from development computer, restart the android device, restart the development computer. These steps might be in any permutation and repeated any number of times. He doesn’t have an explanation for the problem but has this brute force solution, which didn’t work for me. I’m using Mac Os X, Eclipse Helios Service Release 2 with Android SDK v10.0.

Any suggestions?