Ok. A cliche for starters. I think it won’t be a problem for any web/coding enthusiast. I’m creating this blog from the wordpress template. The sample entry had the title “Hello World!”, why not use it like that? Delete everything else, and begin to tell the story of developing for android.

Well, I started android development this year around April according to my little coding notebook. yes, I have a coding notebook – a diary which reminds me the steps of the development and the problems that I encountered during development and the solutions I provided. Sometimes it is good for drawing nonsense stuff , too – a habit which comes way back from primary school ; ) I always kept coding diaries which were sometimes just papers (slummy enough to loose the track : )), word documents (which get lost while carrying in memory sticks, or while wandering from laptop to lab computer), google documents and at last, now, a blog!  I was thinking of how to keep my coding experience easy accessible both for me and for others in need for such stuff. Yeah yeah, I know that lots of blogs exist about coding but adding some spices to the soup won’t make it worse for sure ; ) (kind of a turkish way of saying to share stuff with people so that somebody gains from it some day) It’ll help me to overcome the frequent problems easily for sure, and remembering my tips and tricks.

I know people (and I, maybe?) expect to see more tips/tricks/problems-solutions here. Beware, there might be some irrelevant entries sometimes, and sometimes I might write in Turkish too. I’ll try to keep it international, don’t worry.

And what am I doing exactly for living? hmmm, I’m a PhD student (http://www.phdcomics.com/comics.php) in Computer Science focusing on Mobile HCI and graphics. My research focus is View management for Mobile Augmented Reality recently. Who knows it might change anytime. I’m also a Teaching Assistant in Sabanci University, Istanbul, Turkey.

I was always into mobile stuff, and I’m involved in coding for mobile devices since 2004. It’s been 7 years already, huh? I started with PDAs, switched to Ultra mobile PCs, different kinds of smartphones and now settled on android platform. I like to be mobile myself, and provide mobile services for people both interactive and usable stuff. Nowadays I’m working my (so called : ) thesis. I’ve started developing for android already, its been 3 months. I’m not gonna start to write the “for starters” part right now. Maybe later if I find some more free time ; )

Ok mobile bubbles, jump into the middle of the android development sea!