I was absent for some while around here. I just checked that its been 6 months already since my last check-in (  if I may say :)) @wordpress. Its been a lot busy. I started to a new part-time job next to my PhD. I like it there, and we have a nice startup project but its been really hard on me regarding time management.

Now I am back for good and for a good reason: writing a short paper for ISMAR conference. Lets call it a celebration of my come back. But before that I still have 23 days to go! So, back to business ! back to coding !

Fresh start ingredients:

    • Download Eclipse ( current version : Indigo )  – Dunno the difference, they all look the same 🙂
    • Update android-sdk for MacOS. I still develop for Android v.2.1,  must change this as soon as possible.
    • Download android-ndk ( current version: r8) and update your PATH variable so that it points to this folder. Mine looks like this:

  • Download and install the Vuforia SDK from Qualcomm’s website (current version 1-5-9). Note: Don’t forget to set the Classpath variable. Navigate to : Eclipse->Preferences and Java->Build Path->Classpath Variables. Add QCAR_SDK_ROOT as the root folder of your vuforia sdk.

Enjoy the ride!