Well… they are back! I ❤ error

After installing the newest version of my development platform, I tried to run Vuforia’s ImageTargets example. First problem that I experienced was the Android version problem. By default this project is linked to Android 2.2, but my development device has Android 2.1 on it. What I did was just simply changing the target platform version to 2.1 in AndroidManifest.xml. Although I cleaned and built the project several times, eclipse didn’t change the reference… My last resort was to change the related lines in files default.properties and project.properties by hand. And it worked!

And the second problem was this:

[2012-05-03 14:32:48 – ImageTargets] Failed to install ImageTargets.apk on device ‘9000493e6ca6’: timeout
[2012-05-03 14:32:48 – ImageTargets] Launch canceled!

I assumed that Vuforia wasn’t supporting Android 2.1 and became really sad, but stackoverflow found a solution to my problem as always! Simply change the timeout value to a higher one 😉 Check it out: