Yet another day that Eclipse made a joke to me 🙂 – yeah, we are getting friendlier 😉

My Macbook gave a “startup disk almost full” warning while Eclipse was on. The warning was because of some other reason though. So i quitted each application and restarted my macbook and eclipse. While starting Eclipse it gave an error pop up, but I clicked “OK” so fast that I didn’t notice what happened exactly. Then, there was nothing on the UI, just two buttons and the top menu for sure.. I thought that this was a problem of workspace and loaded it again. It loaded and built the workspace without any problems. I followed this process from the bottom info bar of Eclipse. But again, there was nothing on the UI. So what could be the problem, workspace was loaded and built but no UI?? Then I checked the top menu, if I can enable something or not…  Window->Open Perspective-> Java (default) saved me! It was just a problem of perspective 😉 

Lesson learned: Change your perspective if  you really want to solve a problem 😉